ABOUT US -------------------

There is no school for the creative professional. There is no self-help manual and there are no daylong training sessions.


For that person, there is no substitute for hard work and constancy to your dreams to move your career forward—just as there is no substitute for the insight and guidance that seasoned music industry professionals can give your career path. After more than a decade spent working with major label and indie acts and some of the best management, label, creative, music publishing and booking people in the entertainment industry, Chuck Thompson opened the Thompson Entertainment Group in the fall of 1996 to provide that insight and guidance.


Our years of experience in the music industry can help your own years of dedication and dreams pay off. What’s more, TEG is a small company, enabling us to give you the truly personalized attention you deserve. We will work closely and tirelessly with you to develop a plan for success that is custom-tailored to your individual needs and goals.


We think of the diverse group of artists, musicians, producers and creative people that we represent as part of our family. And like any family, we protect them with the ferocious tenacity that is required to make headway in this industry.


There’s a final critical distinction to TEG. Put very simply, we care. Both about the music and about those who work so hard for their music. That’s why there’s a heart at the center of the Thompson Entertainment Group logo. But of course, this road you’ve chosen can be a tough journey. You need a trustworthy, committed and caring co-pilot—and that’s precisely the reason for the pilot’s wings in our logo.