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In a world of broadening entertainment options, music is the thread that runs through it all, impacting every part of our lives.


A successful and rewarding music career requires a lot more than just raw talent, and there is no school for the aspiring artist, the new artist, or the artist struggling to reach the next level. There is no self-help manual, and there are no daylong training sessions. For the artist, there is no substitute

for hard work and constancy to your dreams to move your career forward.


Evolving technologies provide many great platforms and outlets for artists to grow and connect with a potential fan base. You have to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your brand constantly. TEG is "A co-pilot for the journey" to formulate sensible strategies that allow another person to make a solid, emotional connection with your brand, one that motivates them to consume your music. That connection is the foundation on which we build from.


Our clients range from established multi-platinum to new, emerging artists. We develop long-term strategies with initiatives that include but are not limited to:

  • Record label representation and management

  • Booking agent facilitation and representation

  • National and regional publicity

  • Project marketing and management

  • Writer relations and publishing royalty administration

  • Social media management and digital marketing

  • Airplay facilitation (including terrestrial, streaming, and satellite)

  • Corporate branding partnerships

After more than a decade and a half spent working to advance the careers of The Judds, Billy Dean, McBride, and The Ride, Pirates of the Mississippi, Carl Perkins, Wynonna, newcomers Kenny Chesney, Lonestar, and Mindy McCready alongside some of the best management, label, creative, marketing, music publishing, and booking people in the entertainment industry Chuck Thompson opened the Thompson Entertainment

Group in the fall of 1996 to use what he had learned. He describes his philosophy as a “passion driven by the truth in a great song and the heart

of a great singer. At TEG, we are always faithful to the music, providing customized direction, planning, hands-on support, and opportunities that keep the artist at the focal point of our work.”

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